British Profile

Britmet Lightweight Roofing are very proud to be the largest British manufacturer of lightweight roofing systems on the market, Britmet Lightweight Roofing light weight profiles have been designed to give the appearance of traditional British concrete tiles and slates. So, when making your choice of profile we can match any traditional tile or slate on your roof or within surrounding area. Thus, solving any prudential planning obstacle’s, and gives the specifier the choice of profiles our competitors do not have.

Our range of British profiles are Profile 49 which gives the appearance of the Redland 49 or Ludlow major concrete tile, the Slate 2000 gives you both the look of traditional and manmade slates but also the aspect of a large flat concrete tile like the Marley modern. Our Plaintile profile is a direct replacement to any concrete or clay plain tile.

Our Villatile has the contours of the Marley concrete double roman tile and lastly are Pantile 2000 is the shape and outline of a pantile concrete interlocking concrete tile. All the Britmet Lightweight Roofing profiles are available in a range of six colours, with an granulated finish for the Plaintile, Slate 2000, Profile 49, Ultratile, Villatile  and an textured finish for the Pantile 2000