A British Manufacturer… Lightening the load

Our 37,000 square feet, West Midlands based factory produces seven profiles of lightweight roof materials in two thicknesses and in a range of colours.

As the only British manufacturer of lightweight roofing systems in the UK we provide a unique service to our clients. Offering eave to ridge tile systems in Pantile profiles, to our lightweight roof panel systems; in Slate 2000, Villatile, Ultratile, Profile 49, and Plaintile. All of our profiles come in a granulated and Chic finish. We are proud to be a British Commercial Roofing Company and our quality is second to none.

With the introduction of Tactray 90, a roof solution is now available with spans of over 5m and U-Value down to 0.1 Kw/h giving the specifier a wide scope of choice. Our Liteslate range is a superb and durable plastic roof tile.

Here are just a few reasons to choose Britmet: