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The Tactray 90 structural liner is available in 4 gauges 0.75mm/1mm/1.25mm/1.5mm, allowing for good spanning capabilities, up to 4.8m. The ability to carry a huge range of roof finishes from slates and tiles, to lightweight roofing standing seams to flat roof systems and green roofs.

Britmet Lightweight Roofing developed the unique Tactray 90 structural liner to help specifiers and designers to promote warm roof construction, the most cost effective way of insulating any building.

The Britmet Lightweight Roofing Tactray 90 comes in 2 standard colours, a plain galvanised finish and a white polyester for ceiling finishes, special colours are available on request.

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The Tactray 90 is available in an acoustic option. The tray is perforated, to its profile allows for acoustic insulation to be laid inside the tray. Higher or lower levels of sound reduction and absorption can be achieved dependant on various grades of acoustic insulation boards specified.

Tactray 90 comes with a unique air seal sidelap gasket, which greatly reduces air leakage in buildings. The non-combustible Tactray has a fire rating of Class O.

Due to the ease of fitting the Tactray 90, no expensive cranes have to be on site for long periods of time. Each pallet is loaded onto the roof, covers approx. 60-100m2 per load.

The Tactray 90 is a structural metal liner system which replaces timber rafters in steel framed buildings. Each tray is fixed directly to the steel purlins with tech screws and forms a secure and weatherproof overhead canopy at an early stage in the programme. This means that finishing trades can walk beneath if before the final weathering is introduced.

The Tactray 90 inherent structural strength means the steel framed buildings require fewer supports, permitting greater purlin spacing’s and significantly reducing the weight and cost of structural steelwork.

The Britmet Lightweight Roofing lightweight Tactray 90 can be used to reach any insulated u value available, down to 0.1 u value or better.

The Tactray 90 is manufactured and supplied from our West Midlands factory, so no expensive transport costs.


  • Reduces need for purlin rails
  • Replaces timber rafters & expensive plasterboard ceilings
  • Factory fitted gasket, reducing air leakage to 4.1m3/hr/ m2 @ 50 pascals
  • British manufactured
  • Choice of internal finish
  • Choice of insulation options to deliver a range of thermal performances
  • Tactray 90 can span either horizontally & vertically
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Provides excellent vapour resistance
  • Fire protection
  • Cantilever 750mm from last support
  • Easy to cut for hip and valleys
  • Online Installation Videos
  • Online Britspec specification tool
  • Acoustic options available
White Perforated
Galvanised Perforated

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