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Britmet Lightweight Roofing pantile 2000 system is the only eave to ridge, granulated tile sheet on the market. Available from 1.53m to 8m in length and is manufactured to suit your rafter lengths, so no wastage, cutting or head lapping necessary.

Pantile 2000 lightweight roofing has a cover width of 1040mm allowing for the fastest installation of all lightweight systems.

Britmet Lightweight Roofing’s pantile 2000 has a range of 6 beautiful colours, can be fixed to a roof pitch as low as 5°. The lowest BBA approved tile sheet in the world.
The Pantile 2000 is available in a 0.9mm gauge, allowing for batten spacing, to be extended to 1500mm centres and is tech screwed with a colour matching sela-head fastner, to give you a strong, secure and attractive roof.

The Britmet Lightweight Roofing pantile 2000 is an ideal replacement for old Asbestos roofs, easy to fix, fast to install and vandal proof. The Pantile 2000 is great for Garages, Low Pitch roofs, Over-roofing, Low Pitch Felt, Schools, Houses, Bungalows to Lean-to’s, Garden buildings to name a few.

The Pantile 2000 has an extremely tough and durable roof coating, which is noise resistant and gives an attractive finish. Fully dry fixed and comes with a large range of accessories to finish off any roof.

When it comes to Low pitch, strength, versatility, flexibility and looks, the Pantile 2000 is the only choice and best of all is manufactured in BRITAIN.


  • Designed to give a traditional tile appearance
  • Lightweight
  • Minimum pitch 5°
  • Good vandal resistance (0.9mm steel base)
  • Easy to handle
  • Offers reduced structure
  • Quick installation
  • Less labour intensive
  • Cost effective
  • Maintenance free
  • Extensive range of accessories and flashings available
  • Fully dry-fixed
  • Guaranteed for 40-years against weather penetration
  • Full technical support available
  • British manufactured

Fibre Cement Sheet Comparison
this video shows the weakness in a standard non asbestos fibre cement sheet normally used on garages and other buildings.


Installation Videos

Anti Vandal Pantile 2000

How to tile a roof with lightweight metal roof tiles: Pantile Ridge Hip Junction

How to tile a roof with lightweight metal roof tiles: Fitting Pantile Hip and End Cap

Fitting Battons for Valley Pantile

Cutting into Pantile Valley

How to set out Battens for lightweight Pantile sheets

Installing Pantile 2000 Sheets

Eave Tray & Comb Filler Pantile

Roof light Window for Pantile

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Antique Red

Colours Available

Note: We can now offer Chic finish.
This is a smooth powder coated finish as an alternative to granulated and can be manufactured to suit any colour.

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