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Whether you’re at work, retired or furloughed, picnicking has quickly become the latest outing trend over the lockdown period; with people going out to national parks and public properties to absorb the glorious sunshine. 

In the Britmet Office, food is a popular topic of discussionHere is a list of our items that we would prepare for a picnic – or quickly grab at the supermarket if we didn’t have much time! 

 1.Scotch Eggs 

Our Sales Support Estimator, Kelly, said she ‘has to pack Scotch Eggs’ because they remind her of picnics she had as a child with her family! We all agree that they’re a must-have classic picnic item. 


Sandwiches offer such a variety to a picnic with so many different fillings to choose from! Mollie, our Sales Support Administrator, said she has to pack ‘Jam Sandwiches, but not just any old jam sandwiches, Jam Sandwiches cut into squares, with the crusts removed’  

3.Pasta Salad 

Such a quick and easy picnic item to make on your own! Mixing chopped fresh tomatoes and mozzarella – maybe some salt, pepper and basil for seasoning! 

4.Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate 

Dessert is an absolute essential for a picnic, no question about it. Our Office Manager, Rachel, loves luxurious strawberries dipped in chocolate, but make sure you have a cool box to keep them in! 

5.Crisps with Salsa Dip  

It’s no secret that crisps are an essential picnic item, however, Mark, our National Account Manager, has pushed the boat out with adding salsa dip to the combination! 

6.Tempura Prawns 

The perfect battered hand-sized delight for your picnic! Team this up with some sweet chilli sauce and you’re good to go.  

7.Patê and a French Stick  

Generation Z’s answer to a traditional sandwich. Our Marketing Executive, Bridey, loves to slice a French stick from the morrisons bakery section and smooth patê to spread. 

8.Boiled Eggs  

Another Picnic classic from our Sales and Marketing Director, Chris. Free range eggs boiled in water for 10 minutes give the perfect warm golden yolk! 

9.Mini Sausage Rolls 

These little beauties are the epitome of picnics! No picnic is complete without them. 

10.Lastly, Beverages! 

As restaurants and cafés are not open at the moment its very imperative that you take lots of liquids with you – especially with the hot weather!  


We hope you enjoy your picnics wherever you are, don’t forget to pack plenty of napkins and a bin liner for all your rubbish!  

Date Posted: 18th June 2020

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