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No matter how thrifty you are, maintaining your home is always going to involve spending money at some point or another. It is far better to take preventative action and invest in higher quality solutions than to be constantly shelling out for repairs. If you ask any buildings insurance specialists about the most important part of your home they will always have the same answer – your roof!

Why Roof?

Just think for a minute about the conditions that our roofs endure on a daily basis; wind, rain, sun damage and not to mention British winters when snow, ice and freezing temperatures are all thrown into the mix for months at a time. Once your roof becomes damaged, the whole infrastructure of your home’s security is at serious risk. As well as being impossible to heat or cool, just imagine the possibility of intruders being able to access your home with relative ease.

Roof Insurance – The Facts

  • When it comes to insuring our roofs, the experts take a lot of factors into consideration:       
  • What condition is your roof in at the moment       
  • What material is your roof made from?      
  • Do you live in an area that is at risk from storms, fires, high winds?      
  • Who built and installed your roof?

Of course, if your roof is made using recommended materials and is of sound construction, your policy will usually reflect this. Just as a poorly maintained roof that is lacking in sound construction will attract a high premium, and may prove to be un-insurable. Carefully consider who you choose to install and make your roof now, because choosing a lower quality, cheaper option may end up costing you twice as much in the near future. Save money and invest in your roof with Britmet, choosing from our selection of lightweight roofing tiles.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Having a new roof installed is never going to be cheap, but we strongly advise that you choose a firm that has the correct safety standards and a reputation that is recognised within the industry, such as Britmet Tileform. We offer a large range of lightweight roofing tiles, tile effect sheets and associated products. Our panel systems are always a wise choice because of their protective qualities and the fact that they are extremely low maintenance. As our products are of premium quality, they are guaranteed to last for at least 40 years, so you will be making a sound investment in your home


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