How to Protect your Building from Vandalism

It is always a good idea to anticipate the reasons your property could be vandalised. Once you identify the reasons that vandals are likely to target your building then it becomes easier to plan the steps to prevent damage to your property. 

Why protecting your building from vandalism is important?

One of the most important factors of a roof is providing security from both adverse weather conditions and unwanted intruders. Intruders will do almost anything to make entry to a property and whilst we always consider the obvious points of entry such as doors and windows, we tend to forget that breaking in and entering through a roof can be possible.

 Vandals and thieves will look for a weak point in a roof that is usually fragile and unstable leading to forced entry. Unfortunately, this can result in a large amount of damage and repair costs to the property. To help prevent vandalism, Britmet manufactured the Pantile 2000, a system of interlocking tile panels and made it to measure sheet systems from 0.9mm gauge steel, which are installed using steel fixing screws through the interlocking profile. This resistant roof system is extremely durable to damage, meaning it is impossible to infiltrate and has been used in MOD and HMP facilities. 

Protecting your building from vandalism can be very costly, but not more than fixing the damage, therefore it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your building and deter criminals. 

What Britmet anti-vandal products can offer 

We are proud to be the largest British manufacturer of these anti-vandal systems; our lightweight sheets are certified by the British Board of Agreement and emulate the look of a traditional tile. Britmet’s roofing tiles are finished with durable granular and stone and are complete with a 40-year guarantee. Our secure interlocking roofing systems will not only protect against vandals but also against harsh weather and temperature. 

Britmet’s anti-vandal tiles are manufactured to keep buildings safe and secure, whilst also offering the aesthetics and characteristics of traditional British profiles. Since 1976, Britmet’s anti-vandal tiles have been trusted on the utilised project, including HM Prison Bullwood Hall, Sacred Heart School Belfast, MOD Training Facilities and many more. Britmet tiles will not incur any maintenance cost and provide a large selection of tile effect roofing with a range of colours to choose from.

How to reduce the threat of vandalism 

Vandalism isn’t always preventable, but there are ways you can help to minimise the risk to your property. When looking to protect your building from vandalism, you may want to do the following to deter criminals.

1.       Installing a security camera – One of the greatest ways to avoid vandalism from occurring is to invest in security cameras on your property. Many vandals will be deterred from your property if CCTV cameras are installed, and if not then they can be used to record the vandalisation, hopefully leading to prosecution. 

2.       Using shutters and grilles – To prevent unauthorised access to your premises, it’s important to ensure that potential entrance points are secure. The use of roller shutters to cover wide doors and grilled to cover windows will decrease the risk of potential break-ins and damage to the property. 

3.       Durable Britmet tiles – Britmet anti-vandal tiles offer a wide range of tile profiles including, Liteslate, Shingle, Slate 2000, Ultratile, Villatile, Profile 49, Plaintile, and Pantile 2000 that will protect your building against heavy floor traffic and vandalism. 

Britmet manufacture anti-vandal tiles that are suitable for projects that require durability whilst still offering the aesthetics and characteristics of traditional British profiles. For more information about our products, please speak to a member of our team by calling 01295 250998 or emailing 

Date Posted: 30th June 2022

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