Part Two: 5 Famous Roof Tops Around the World

Roofs are a fundamental part of any building. Without a doubt, a roof is the most integral part of a house, office, temple, or palace. The elaborate designs showcase breath-taking beauty, and these buildings are often instantly recognisable and are defined by the imaginative style and architecture. There are, of course, plenty of iconic roofs to choose from, each of which offers an insight into the cultural influences of its location yet remains distinctive and instantly recognisable; from train stations to temples. See below just a few examples of some stunning roofs that bring about yearly tourist attractions. 

1.       King Cross Station, UK 

There are several famous roofs in the London area both historical and modern, the roof of King’s Cross Station is one of the most recognisable constructions in the UK. Lewis Cubitt, the architect that designed the building, built the station as the London Hub of the Great Northern Railway. The King Cross Station is a structure that is very much pleasing to the eye with many likening the station to a flying saucer. The semi-circular roof shape stems from the ground up and across the entire roof’s interior. If you didn’t already know King Cross Station was the setting for the Harry Potter films. In the wizarding world, Harry Potter and his friends get to platform 9¾ by running through a brick wall between platforms 9 and 10 to catch the Hogwarts Express. 

2.       The Domes of St Mark’s Basilica – Venice 

St. Mark’s Basilica is one of Venice’s largest and most visited sights and a popular cultural landmark with one of the most impressive roofs. The basilica was built to house sacred relics, the building itself is designed in the shape of a Greek cross, and the roof is topped with five domes. The cross is arched by a total of five magnificent domes, two of which are larger than the other three. 

3.       The Bird’s Nest – Beijing Olympic Stadium 

The Beijing Bird Nest Stadium construction began in December 2003 and came to completion in September 2007. This modern design structure was made with 42,000 tons of steel beams woven together to resemble the shape of a bird’s nest. The Beijing National Stadium was a result of the 2008 Olympic games, made up of giant masses of twisted steel, which are put together to form a steel skeleton structure of this arena. 

4.      The Chrysler Building, New York city 

This American Skyscraper is famous for being the world’s tallest steel-supported brick building. This building is made from a steel frame filled with masonry with metal cladding for decoration. Located in the Big Apple, the Chrysler Building has a roof height of 1,250 feet (380m), making it the tallest building in the world. Not only is the impressive height one of the reasons for this building being a world-famous construction but the most recognised feature of the Chrysler building is the terraced crowns which add a unique element to the building. 

5.       The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand 

The Grand Palace is a complex of buildings in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam since 1782. The Grand Palace is used for various government offices, state functions, royal ceremonies, as well as a tourist attractions. Rather than being a single structure, the Grand Palace is made up of numerous buildings, gardens, courtyards, and pavilions. From The Temple of the Emerald Buddha to The Demon Guardians, also including the Phra Maha Monthien Buildings, Chakri Maha Prasat Buildings, the Inner Court, and the Siwalai Gardens quarter. The building’s eccentric design is due to its organic development, with additions and rebuilding being made throughout its 200 years in history. Currently, The Grand Palace is open to the public as a museum. 

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Date Posted: 3rd March 2022

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