Britmet Visit Offsite Expo 2021!

Offsite Expo Exhibition 

 The Offsite Expo brings together the most influential organisations, individuals, commentators, and business leaders that are the cause of change in the construction sector. The event played host to the leading UK international offsite manufacturers and component suppliers, showcasing a broad spectrum of penalised, volumetric modular solutions, pod, and prefabricated MEP solutions. Offsite Expo’s mission has been to provide a dynamic and interactive experience for those looking to learn directly from eminent offsite industry experts. 

Britmet Visit the Offsite Expo!   

Ready for another year of action, our Business Development Manager’s, Chris King and Jack Mushing, alongside the Regional Sales Manager, Laurence Jones, headed to the NEC to visit the Offsite Expo Exhibition. Arriving at the exhibition, greeted by smiles from the team, we scanned our tickets and walked in. The Offsite Expo exhibition is renowned for providing the most important solutions to many of the problems facing the industry today. Businesses across the globe showcased a combination of advanced offsite manufacturing approaches and smart digital construction technology.    

What Our Attendees Had To Say    

Laurence Jones said, “The event was good, if not better than any events I have ever done in the automotive industry as I felt the interest was genuine. Feedback on our product range was very positive, with 30+ enquiries on the (door) canopies alone! In total, we accumulated just over 70 contacts between us, using the quick and simple Handiscan system, we were able to scan visitor’s details, including the level the individual was within the organisation.”    

Chris King said, “It was a great show! Probably the best show I have done in all my time with Britmet. Being able to interact with the client base face to face (and not behind Microsoft Teams or Zoom) was a welcome addition to what was a fantastic event.”   

Jack Mushing said, “The show was a big success! With a steady stream of customers through the two days and lots of new contacts with a keen interest in our Liteslate. Since the show, we have been contacted by several companies interested in Britmet supplying materials for their upcoming projects.”    

Offsite Expo 2022   

All in all, we had a great time at the Offsite Expo 2021. So much so, we’re already looking forward to visiting again in 2022! If you have an upcoming event that you think should be on our radar, leave us a comment on our social media. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for more information about Lightweight roofing. We’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube so make sure to keep updated!  

Date Posted: 7th October 2021

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