Saving the World... One (Lite)slate at a Time

During the UK lockdowns there became a shared understanding that many were using the spare time as an opportunity to learn a new skill or hobby to improve their wellbeing and the environment around them. For some this was exercise or yoga, for others it was baking. However, many homeowners and landlords began to improve their properties in some way, shape or form – often surrounding the premise of ‘going green’.

One of our online distributors, Roofing Megastore, conducted research which revealed UK homeowners were clearly choosing more sustainable and eco-friendly building materials for their DIY. Using Google Trends’ data, they found that Synthetic Slate roof tiles, such as the Britmet Liteslate, received over 250% more google searches in 2020 when compared to 2019. This figure was then also compared with traditional materials (like slate/concrete/clay tiles) which had shown that synthetic slate tiles had grown 100% more.

Britmet’s Liteslate is made from over 90% recycled polymers. Our sustainable tiles have dramatically increased in popularity with homeowners due to their easy installation, lightweight qualities and low-pitch capabilities. Offering identical characteristics you could expect from a traditional slate, the Britmet Liteslate is adored for its longevity as it will not crack, break or chip unlike traditional materials. In particular, we’ve noticed this increase in tandem with the announcement of the governments ‘green homes grant’ and their £134 million pledge to “build back better”.

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Date Posted: 11th March 2020

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