Flat Roofs

Flat roofs fail for variety of reasons, mostly related to the life expectancy of the roof covering and the presence of standing water. Over a period, water will accelerate the deterioration of the roof covering, and leaks will become apparent. Once water has penetrated the waterproof layer, the insulation below becomes saturated, and its thermal performance is dramatically reduced. Left unchecked, the ingress of water will create other problems such as staining of ceiling tiles and will ultimately result in a complete failure of the roof.


To overcome these expensive flat roof problems and repairs, Britmet Lightweight Roofing manufactures and supplies the Britframe lightweight flat to pitch system. This easy to fix Britframe system is fix onto the existing failed flat roof, so no decamping of tenants or costly scaffolding tenting required, Britframe is quick to erected, and forms a new pitch roof structure to overlaying the flat roof and is then fix into the existing roof deck using fasteners.

The Britframe is then felt and batten and tiled with one of Britmet Lightweight Roofing 6 profiles to suit the clients and planners demands. Insulation is added over the existing flat roof to achieve a u value of 0.13 u value. The new soffit and facias and rainwater goods supplied by Britline are fixed to the lightweight Britframe structure to complete the roof design.