All of our lightweight roof tiles are manufactured to high standards of precision and durability. Where possible British materials are used. Our lightweight roofing systems comply with various building regulations and standards.

Our roof tiles and roof panels are typically suitable for converting flat roofs to pitched, Non-traditional/traditional housing, pre-fabricated buildings, holiday centre accommodation, community centres, re-roofing of schools/prisons, over-roofing of asbestos/felt/industrial sheeting, garages/outhouses/extensions and more…

Browse our selection of roofing materials including roof panels and tile effect roofing sheets below.

Lightweight Tile Systems

Strong, light and easy to install manufactured roofing panels.

Lightweight Synthetic Tiles

Combining aesthetics & strength.

Lightweight Tile Effect Sheets

Combining aesthetics & strength. Manufactured to lengths required.

Paints and Primers

We offer a range of textured paint and roof coatings in various colours for different applications

Tactray 90

State of the art structural tray system for roofs, walls & ceilings.

Galvanised Perforated

Britframe Flat-to-pitch Over roof Solutions

Cost effective flat to pitch system to suit all flat roof types ranging from a propped rafter system, post and rail system and overcome all fragile roofs. The full spanning system.

Roofing Associated Products

A range of high quality rainwater and weather protection products.