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Britmet Tileform’s lightweight plaintile system is the world’s only true broken bond plaintile lightweight roofing system. The only tile to give a true characteristic of a plaintile appearance, providing an attractive and economic finish for all roof styles, even for vertical cladding.

Britmet Tileform lightweight plaintile system can be fixed down to a 15° roof pitch, available in 7 colours, manufactured in Britain from the highest grade of Aluzinc Steel and coated with the most superior external coating on the market.

The Plaintile design equivalent to 7 traditional tiles wide and 1 tile high allows for great speed of fixings and with only 5 plaintiles per m² compared to 60 per m² traditional plaintiles. Weighing only 1/7  the weight of traditional tiles, allows for less structure supports in the Roof Design.

The Britmet Tileform’s plaintile system is an ideal profile for those looking for a simple and elegant roofing or cladding system

The Plaintile is BBA approved, quick to install and is a fully dry fix system, ideal replacement for existing rosemary/plaintile roof and cladding and easy to handle.


  • Versatile – can be used for roof pitched from 15 deg. to vertical
  • Ideal for vertical cladding applications
  • One-seventh the weight of concrete roof tiles
  • 40 year full value weather security warranty
  • Quick to install only 5 tiles per m², compared with traditional clay or concrete plain tiles 60 tiles per m²
  • Ideal replacement for existing plaintile roods and cladding
  • Lightweight roofing possesses exceptional weather resistance
  • Lightweight roofing tiles are environmentally friendly
  • Britmet Tileform is a fully dry fixed roofing system ensures maximum storm resistance
  • Lightweight roof tiles advantages enable savings to be made on timber content of roof structure
  • Labour costs reduced due to speed of fixing
  • Britmet Tileform lightweight roof tiles are strong, robust and vandal resistant.
  • Easier to handle, quicker to install
  • True broken bond design
  • British manufactured
  • Only 5 tiles per m²

Installation Video Guides:

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Colours Available

Note: We can now offer Chic finish.
This is a smooth powder coated finish as an alternative to granulated and can be manufactured to suit any colour.

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