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Structural Trays

These products are developed to offer a state of the art structural tray system for walls, roofs and ceilings in existing buildings and new buildings.

We offer several options were structures can be reduced both vertically and horizontaly:

Tactray 90 - A structural metal lining tray system that can be used to upgrade and replace existing timber rafters. Extremely lightweight and incredibly strong, Tactray 90 offers a good spanning performance for a myriad of roofing medium options. Discover more here >>

Tac ceilings - This ceiling tray support system is used to support and maintain existing asbestos deck systems used in our schools. They have been proven to keep the classroom cool in summer and warm in the winter, there is even acoustic options available. This economic and safe solution has improved the UK school's buildings beyond recognition. Discover more here >>

Tac Walls - These do away with the need for cladding rails and avoids the collection of dust and debris that are part and parcel of those structures. Discover more here >>