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The Britmet Tileform Tactray 90 structural wall support has been used on many steel framed buildings from Lidl, 15000m2 of Tactray 90 wall support was used to hang various Rainscreen systems to new Industrial buildings to give an attractive internal finish.

Commercial, Retail and Utility buildings to support cedar wood finish and feather bond finishes, to Police Fire range to support cement fibre slates.

The Tactray 90 wall support can carry all wall finishes and give excellent thermal performance, with a u value down to 0.1 u value.

Due to the inherent strength of the Tactray 90, wall spans up to 6m can be reached, reducing the number of purlins required. This provides excellent performance with regards to Air leakage and is available in a standard range of colours, plain galvanised or polyester white. Special colours can be manufactured on request.

In cases where sound is a problem, like Libraries, Schools, Community buildings to Hospital and Factories, the Tactray 90 can help to reduce the sound. The tray is available in a perforated finish and its profile allows for acoustic insulation to be laid into the tray, higher and lower levels of sound reduction and absorption can be achieved dependant on various grades of acoustic insulation broad specified.

The Tactray 90 structural wall support can by laid horizontally and vertically to suit the building design. Easy to install and assured performance make it the ideally suited for all building types. The Tactray 90 can be used for fire walls, for fire protection on commercial and retail buildings.

From order to delivery within days, as the Tactray 90 structural wall support is manufactured and supplied from our factory in the West Midlands, the only British manufacturer wall support system.


  • Reduces need for cladding rails       
  • Perforated options for acoustic solutions      
  • Choice of finishes
  • Factory fitted gasket, low air leakage
  • Choice of Installation options / performances
  • Attractive plank ceiling finish
  • Easy to install
  • Large spans
  • Saves building costs
  • Allows for earlier completion
  • Reduces steel work costs
  • High vapour resistance
  • Better Fire protection
  • Cuts finishing costs
  • Secure underlining
  • Technical back up
  • Britspec online Specification system

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