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Tactray 90 Structural ceiling tray system to support failed Clasps & SEAC asbestos decks and ceiling systems in schools

Key benefits:

  • Provides structural support to existing roof system in the event of structural failure.
  • Provides structural support in the event of new roof re-fit
  • Encapsulates and contains asbestos particles within existing
    roof system.
  • New low maintenance ceiling finish in bright white finish
    offering clean lines with reflective index of 79%.
  • Tactray 90 perforated offering enhanced acoustic solutions.
  • Choice of insulations to provide range of enhanced thermal u-value requirements.
  • Best economic solution.
  • Keeping the classroom warm in winter and cool in summer means that the Tactray 90 ceiling system has the potential to create “More Education Perfect Days” for the occupants of the building.

The Issue
Across the UK there are quite simply hundreds of schools that
have been originally designed with an asbestos deck sandwiched between the ceiling and the roof covering. Some 50 years later the roof decks and ceilings are starting to show signs of distortion, ponding and possible risk of collapse.

The Challenge
To provide an acoustic ceiling and structural roof support system to extend the life of Post War System Built Schools and similar properties Tileform UK were tasked with designing and supplying a solution to a prolific problem on several schools in the Hertfordshire area. A test school site was available to Tileform UK in which we could trial the system and redesign as necessary.

The model
The schools in question were all of a similar design and their construction based on typical Hills /SEAC / Clasp systems which included an asbestos deck system.

Typically the main roof supports, usually lattice, beams followed
virtually the same design layout and were modular in their
spacings at 8’3” (2.51m) centres. Tactray 90 (perforated) spans
between the existing lattice beams. The trays are fixed in
position with special purpose made angles and cleats, which
are securely fixed to the existing lattice beams.

The Result
Tactray 90 can offer a retro fit system that can combine and offer structural support to the existing roof plus encapsulate the asbestos and at the same time provide a new acoustic ceiling. A budget saving method of extending the schools life.