We are currently offering 3 seminars/presentations. The venue and time can be flexible to suit you, and as with all of our seminars, we are happy to provide lunch, if required.

Should you require any additional information then please telephone 01295 250998 / 07793 184490 or complete the appropriate enquiry form below.

Flat to Pitched Roof Conversions

This 45 minute seminar is jointly presented with a flat to pitched framework manufacturer and covers everything from the different applications where flat to pitched conversions are undertaken such as schools, hospitals and housing, to installation, design considerations and the necessary building standards to comply with. Besides this, the seminar shows relevant case studies and details of the technical support services available such as NBS writing and CAD drawings.

Leightweight Roofing Solutions

This 30 minute presentation brings specifiers and contractors up to date on the innovations in leightweight roofing, it's advantages and usages.

Structural Support Cassette System

This 50 minute presentation brings specifiers up to date with the advantages of the latest developments in structural tray roofing systems for slated and tiled roofs with steel framed build. It shows how the use of structural tray systems can significantly speed project completion time and save on structural material costs where tiled slated or mmc roofs are specified, compared to traditional wooden rafter methods. The pros and cons of traditional and modern roofing systems are also discussed with reference to thermal efficiency and condensation issues.

Please note: All of these product topics can be combined into one presentation, lasting around 1 hour 30 minutes.