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Rainwater Goods

Provide and fix Britmet Lightweight Roofing Ltd extruded/pressed/diecast aluminium gutters and fittings to be BS2997 (EN612) using T6 grade aluminium with a polyester powder coated finish to all significant surfaces to BS496 finish (colour to suit) complete with all angles, stopends, running outlets, brackets, union clips, nuts and neoprene washers according to the manufacturers specifications and guidelines.

Gutters to be fixed directly or by fascia brackets at 750mm centres with supplementary fixing brackets at or near fittings, fixing to be 5 No x 40mm countersunk stainless steel screws.

Supply and fix Britmet Lightweight Roofing Ltd down pipes, profile to suit, complete with all fittings and fit all in accordance with manufacturers instructions, colour to suit, by Britmet Lightweight Roofing Ltd.

Eave Line Fascia And Soffit System

Britmet Lightweight Roofing Ltd eaves line fascia and soffit system, fabricated from 0.7mm and 1.5mm galvanised steel, powder coated (colour) with a minimum coating of 80 microns.

Supply and fix fascia and soffit 0.125mm x 2mm wall bracket to be fixed back to vertical brickwork at 600mm centres.

Supply and fix 0.7mm, (size to suit & colour to suit) powder coated fascia soffit system elements to be fixed soffit support steel bracket and timber/steel frame support.

Joints in length of fascia and soffit to be backed with internal butt straps manufactured and finished in same material and thickness. Joints to be sealed with two rows of low modulus silicone sealant, steel/timber frame support to be backpacked out to obtain a squared eave line where necessary.

Accommodation of any construction tolerance to be at a junction of soffit fascia and soffit fascia bracket elements. All by Britmet Lightweight Roofing Ltd. Tel 01295 250998