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Min. pitch:
Max. pitch: 90°
Overall width: 1080mm
Cover width: 1040mm
Side lap: 40mm
Step: 12mm
Purlin Centres (max): 1500mm (0.7mm) & 1500 (0.9mm)
Individual tile module: 300mm
Maximum sheet length: 6m (over 6m for special orders)
Steel base: 0.9mm
Weight as laid per m2: 9kg & 11kg
Base coat: Acrylic resin
Top coat: Pigmented mineral filled acrylic
Colours available: Charcoal, Terracotta, Mid Grey, Tudor, Brown, Antique Red, Sage Green
Chemical resistance: Unaffected by normal pollution
Biological resistance: Non toxic fungicide incorporated
Fire resistance: AA classification equal to traditional roof tiles and slates
Fixings: The contractor shall utilise the roofing manufacturers recommended fixings and sealant
Ventilation: Roof ventilation should meet recommendations of Building Regulations 1991 (amended ‘92, ‘94). Approved Document F2 1995 ‘Condensation in roofs', BS 5250: 1989' Control of condensation'.
Antique Red

Colours Available

Note: We can now offer Chic finish.
This is a smooth powder coated finish as an alternative to granulated and can be manufactured to suit any colour.

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