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Recommended Timber Batten Sizes
(roofing & vertical applications)

Rafter or truss spacing (mm) Min nailing requirements Batten Width mm Batten Depth mm
450 1 no 75mm x 3.35mm 38 38
600 1 no 75mm x 3.35mm 50 38
900* 1 no 100mm x 4.00mm 50 50
1200* 1 no 100mm x 4.00mm 50 50
1500* 1 no 125mm x 12g screw 50 75
*underlay supports between rafters/truss to be used, (wire support or nylon tape).


Recommended Roofing Underlay

Roofing underlay is required & should comply with recommendations of BS5534: Part 1: 1997 & BS8000
Unsupported (roofing underlay draped over rafters or counter-battens) Roofing underlay should comply with BS747 type 1F or 5U
Fully supported (roofing underlad laid directly to boarding or sarking) Roofing underlay should compy with recommendations of BS5534: Part1: 1997 section 2.10.2 and vapour transmission tested in accordance with BS3177 (NB. good quality BS747 type 1F underlay comply with this test)


Recommended Laps for Underlay

Pitch Minimum headlap Minimum Sidelap
Not fully supported Fully Supported
5° to 9° 300mm 200mm 100 - 150mm
12.5° to 14° 225mm 150mm 100 - 150mm
15° to 34° 150mm 100mm 100 - 150mm
35° & above 100mm 75mm 100 - 150mm
NB. Any penetrations to the underlay should be suitably sealed to prevent water ingress. Roofing underlay laps to valleys should comply with recommendations of BS5534: Part 1: 1997 section


Lengths & Lapping

Thickness Maximum
Side Lap End Lap
10 ° to 90°
End Lap
5° to 9°
0.9mm 6m 1500mm 40mm 75mm 300mm
Over 6m can be achieved for special orders
Antique Red

Colours Available

Note: We can now offer Chic finish.
This is a smooth powder coated finish as an alternative to granulated and can be manufactured to suit any colour.

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