Lightweight Tile Effect Roof Sheets

As leaders in the industry of lightweight roof tile systems, Britmet are always looking for new, cost effective roofing solutions. One of our most popular systems is the tile effect steel roof sheets that are designed to give the overall look of a traditional tiled roof.

Lightweight, industrial strength materials

Boldroll, our most popular tile effect roof sheet system, is inherently the strongest tile effect sheet on the market, measuring only 0.9mm. Manufactured from British Galvanised Steel, Boldroll is available in sheet lengths that suit your application and is capable of spanning 1800mm between purling’s.

The intelligent design of Boldroll allows for an increased reduction in roof substructure and the overall load bearing requirements of the building. The durable nature of Boldroll roof sheets has led to its extensive use in prisons, MoD training facilities and areas that suffer from vandalism such as schools.

Traditional tiled roof appearance

The Boldroll tile effect steel roof sheets combine strength with aesthetics as the sheets are remarkably finished to give the appearance of traditional roof tiles.

In order to compliment all structures and surroundings, our roof sheets are available in colours so you can select just the right look for your building, whether you are replacing your current roof or are building a whole new structure.

Cost effective

As with all of our products, we guarantee that your Boldroll roof will withstand all weather penetration for up to 40 years. Saving you any un-wanted costs associated with maintenance and internal issues that a damaged roof can cause.

From purchase to installation, Boldroll is one of our most cost effective solutions. The sheet-style design of these roof systems allow for very quick installation and require less labour, heavily reducing costs during construction.

If you would like more information regarding our Tile Effect Roof Sheets, please contacta member of our expert team today.


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